Whether it’s BMS App downloads, wiring checkups, manuals and guides or warranty details, this page is designed to assist. To ensure electrical systems are safe we recommend always using a qualified professional for any electrical work and to keep your batteries charged when not in use.

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GML Wiring Health Check
GML Lithium Battery Care Guide

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DC-DC Charger Connection Instructions

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Password 1234

Deep Cycle Battery IOS App (later models)

Cranking Battery APP (later models)


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Why its important to keep batteries charged whilst not in use.

Lithium batteries generally have a Battery Management System (BMS), that is a small computer designed to protect the battery. When the battery is not in use, the BMS is continuing to protect the battery against temperature, surges, electrical faults and many other things. In addition there is also Parasitic Drain.

The BMS requires power to run and like any appliances when the voltage drops below the required level it switches off. The only way to restart is to recharge the cells separately to the required level. This means dismantling the battery to access each cell.

Parasitic Drain
Parasitic draw, also called drain, is the electric current that flows through a vehicle whilst it runs and after the ignition is turned off. You know how you can forget to turn off your headlights, and then your car won’t start the next day? Well, this is just one example of parasitic drain. Modern cars and trucks can easily come equipped with over 50 onboard computers tied together in a single system. This means there are numerous operations using electricity in vehicles, even when the engine is not running.

Once the engine is turned off, most cars computer systems will enter sleep mode, and reduce the amount of parasitic draw to less than 0.05 of an amp. Alarms, stereo systems, clocks, interior lights, engine management computers, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, charging docks, seat heating modules, and more are just a few operations that can drain a vehicle’s battery while the engine is off. Even bad instrument panels are known to cause parasitic drain. If one or more system fails to “go to sleep”, it can use up enough electricity to discharge a battery overnight.


We offer 5 year warranty on all products from purchase date, unless stated otherwise.

Warranty does not cover the following:

  • Damage caused by normal wear and tear
  • Damage caused by operating the equipment in a manner outside that described in the instructions
  • Accidents & misuse 
  • Lack of maintenance & neglect
  • Natural disaster or other external causes
  • Modification, alteration or tampered by/with a person/s not authorized by us to provide service (not including standard periodic maintenance)

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