48v 105AH GOLF CART Lithium Battery

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48v 105AH GOLF CART Lithium Battery

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AUD $3,800.00
48v 105AH GOLF CART Lithium Battery
48v 105AH GOLF CART Lithium Battery
48v 105AH GOLF CART Lithium Battery
48v 105AH GOLF CART Lithium Battery
48v 105AH GOLF CART Lithium Battery
48v 105AH GOLF CART Lithium Battery

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48v 105AH GOLF CART Lithium Battery

AUD $3,800.00
Model Number: 48v-105ah
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Green Energy Limited has developed a new 48V 105AH (3.2v Cell)  LIFE PO4 Lithium Battery designed for Golf Carts. With high output and fast charging our Lithium Battery are an ideal drop in replacement for AGM deep cycle Lead Acid Batteries performance.

48v Electric Golf Cart.

Green Energy Limited 48v 105ah lithium battery will provide over 2 rounds of golf (36 holes) plus travel to and from the golf course. Our Lithium Battery is light weight, the golf cart experiences an increase in speed and ability to climb. Green Energy Limited lithium batteries have 4 times the life span of AGM deep cycle batteries. This equates replacing AGM batteries 4 times compared to once with Lithium Batteries. Combined with the Green Energy Limited fast chargers can be fully 100% recharged in less than 3 hrs from empty. Additional features include bluetooth, battery monitoring systems that provides real time information on battery levels (%) charging and consumption volts, amp and watts. Advanced setting include notifications of remaining battery levels that can be set at any percentage.


  • Drop in replacement.
  • In built BMS (Battery Management System)
  • In built Bluetooth Battery Monitoring System
  • In built circuit break protection
  • Maintenance free. plug and go
  • Long Life
  • Compatible to DC electric golf carts and chargers
  • Fast Chargers available

Custom 3D printed Lithium Battery Case. Green Marine Lithium.

48V LIFEPO4 Lithium Battery

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GML Battery Specifictions 2023 JAN

Custom 3D printed Lithium Battery Case. Green Marine Lithium.

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  • Paul says:

    Hello, I am looking to upgrade my electric G22 golf cart to Lithium. If I purchase your 48V 105AH GOLF CART LITHIUM BATTERY will I able to fit fit it myself or take it to an auto electrician. How much is the fast charger? Also what would be the delivery fee to Finley NSW 2713 cost?

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Paul, Sorry for the late reply. Yes you can fit it yourself. The 48v 105ah will last for approx 2-3 rounds of golf without needing a charge. Our most commom is the 48v 80ah which lasts 2 rounds of golf. Freight can be calculated based on address however its about $140 approx.

    • Stephen says:

      Thanks for your email.

      Depending on how you use the golf cart will depend on which size battery would be bested suited.

      The 48v 80ah and 48v 105ah are the same size as 2 lead acid batteries that are currently in your cart. Freeing up 4 batteries of space.

      The 48v 80ah is designed to provide the same amount of driving distance as a new set of new lead acid quality batteries (trojan). Most people generally achieve around 2 rounds of golf (36holes)from a 48v 80ah lithium battery and is the most common purchased. The 48v 105ah is designed to customers play 2 rounds per day and using the golf cart to travel to and from the golf course in a golf course estate.

      We also sell fast chargers that fully recharger the 80ah is 4-5 hrs and the 105ah in 5-6 hrs. And putting the charger on for a few hours when the cart is not being used doesn’t damage the battery at all, in fact top up chargers increase the life of the lithium battery.

      Warranty is 5 years full replacement. Actual life span is 3000 -5000 cycles ( full charge and full discharger = 1 cycle). The Lithium batteries will remain at the same capacity as they were when they were new and after 5000 cycles drop to around 80% capacity.

      Other advantages
      Light weight reducing the wear and tear of the carts tyres, suspension bearing and brakes.
      Faster and more responsive both on normal level ground and high climbing.
      In built Bluetooth that allows fully monitoring of the battery and the ability to turn off the battery for great security.
      Fast charging
      Maintenance free. No watering systems, no leaking acid that damages golf cart frames and floors.
      Long life.

      If you would like more information, please let me know. To better understand the requirements , let me know the make and model, how the golf cart is used. Capacity various from the type of golf course (hilly or long distance) how each player plays. I zig zag across the fairway so I consume more power on a course than most (bad player).

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